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Philippe Ryan K. Chung, Emma Y. Gaspar-Trinidad, Tamara Louise J. Razon-Cuenza… (August 2022)

Review Article

Ivan Dandy Nugraha, Taofan Siddiq, Raditya Dewangga… (August 2022)

Case Report

Herawati Isnanijah, Chyntia Monica, Indah Trisnawaty… (December 2021)

Case Report

Renato C. Ong, Jr., Maria Stephanie Alessa R. Sales-Florentino, Frederick H. Verano… (November 2021)

Case Report

Rajeev Bhardwaj, Ranjana Gupta, Sivaji Patibandla… (November 2021)

Original Article

Bryan Rene F. Toledano, Maria Johanna Jaluage-Villanueva, Sharon Marisse Lacson (November 2021)

Case Report

Mohd Saad Jalaluddin @ Khin Maung Zan, Shaiful Azmi Yahaya, Al-Fazir Omar (May 2021)

Original Article

Clinical Profile and Cost of Treatment among Patients with Lymphedema in Philippine Heart Center from 2018-2020

Bryan Rene F. Toledano, Catherine V. Sta Monica, Gertie May B. Plameras… (December 2020)
surgery, hospital, doctor

Original Article

See Woan Shiang, Simon Jerome Vendargon, Syed Rasul Bin Ghouse Syed Hamid… (November 2020)

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Summary Recommendations from the Task Force on Quality and Safety during Echocardiography of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography, Inc. and the Philippine Heart Association Council on Echocardiography AN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Jose Donato A. Magno, Mylene U. Cornel, Jehan Karen G. Sumalpong… (October 2020)

Original Article

Diana Hui Ping Foo, Kai Huat Lam, Mohamad Adam Bin Bujang… (September 2020)

Case Report

Ann Kee How, Kamaraj Selveraj, Abdul Kahar Abdul Ghapar (September 2020)

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